Returns & Repairs

All rings and Custom order sales are final.

Products can be exchanged within 7 days after purchase. Please email to apply to exchange. Make sure all packaging and products are enclosed and sent back within 7 days of receiving the package.

If something breaks, like a clasp, or a jump ring comes loose, I will fix it one time for free within 30 days after purchase. Otherwise, after 30 days, there will be a repair charge. Customer is responsible for shipping costs and will be credited in full minus initial shipping cost.

If an item needs to be electroplated in gold or silver, the price will vary and depends on how long you've had it.

Please follow these steps when returning/exchange an order:

1 ) Send an e-mail to
2 ) Make sure that the jewelry is packed neatly in their original jewelry boxes.
3 ) Clarify on the customs declaration on the outside of the package that it is a return and value is 0.


ALL RING SALES ARE FINAL. Rings, necklaces or products that are marked as MADE TO ORDER cannot be exchanged, since these were customized to your size, length. SALE PRODUCTS/ DEALS OF THE DAY/ WEEK/MONTH/SEASON ARE FINAL SALE. This will be indicated in the product listing.

All final sale items are not eligible for merchandise credit, return or exchange. Please carefully review all product information and sizing before making a purchase.






1.   部分一體成形之商品可能無法維修,維修前請先來信確認是否可以安排維修。

2.   維修指將損毀處盡量修復為可使用狀態,非將商品回復於未損毀之狀況,故請見諒有可能無法如原狀一樣。部分商品維修會有維修痕跡,請確認是否能夠接受後再行維修。

3.  商品維修及修改部分皆需評估,視狀況而定是否需酌收維修費用。


4.  大部分商品為手工維修,故商品時間約為1.5~3個月,如遇提早維修完畢將盡快通知您後寄回商品。

5.  所有維修件都必須自行負責來回運費。


所有客製化戒指都是最終銷售無法退換(因為是根據您的尺寸製作)。標記為MADE TO ORDER(客制)戒指、項鍊或產品不能更換,因為這些是根據您需求的尺寸、長度或客製款定制的。促銷產品/每日/每週/每月/季節的促銷商品都是最終銷售無法退換。這將在當季促銷產品列表中指出。

所有(Final Sale)最終銷售商品均不符合換商品抵用金,退貨或換貨的條件。在購買之前,請仔細檢查所有產品信息和尺寸,謝謝。