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Dew | Fingerprint Necklace 水滴指紋項鍊

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父母親的指紋, 小孩的指紋或掌紋,另一半的指紋,甚至家中最愛毛小孩的鼻紋,掌紋或爪印捕捉下來



  • 項墜 : 925 純銀 - 有機水滴形狀 (尺寸約 20mm x 15mm)
  • 鏈條: 請選擇 18" 或 24" 925純銀盒鏈 
  • 想加上更多指紋印嗎?此項鍊可加購小指紋吊墜掛上 (小吊墜約 10 x 10 mm)
  • 一個小圓片指紋可記錄一單位紋印
  • 如果您想在項墜的背後刻下紀念文字, 請到此 HERE 加購雋刻服務
  • 指紋系列與雋刻商品乃為私人客製化商品,恕不接受退換貨
  • 此系列皆為手工製作,非電腦或翻模製作,尺寸、重量稍有誤差為正常現象,每個都是設計師Fyn親手為您即興創作的藝術品,絕無僅有 (照片僅供參考樣式,恕無法做得一模一樣)

|如何採集指紋 |






現在訂製期約 10-12週


The Neo Imprint Collection is Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, giving you jewelry that you can hold onto forever. 

Add your personal touch by using your loved ones’ actual fingerprints and by engraving initials. These pieces look great alone or stacked with other charms.

You can use the Fingerprint Kit to make imprints of children or adults, or even animals.

Each piece is made to order in our studio in Taiwan. 

  • Pendant: 925 sterling silver - Dew Drop shape (measures 20mm x 15mm)
  • Chain: 18" or 24" sterling silver chain
  • Also can add a small fingerprint charm with your choice  (small charm measures about 10mm x 10mm)
  • If you'd like pendant back to be engraved, please add the engraving service from HERE
  • Fingerprint & Engraved pieces are final sale

Taking Fingerprints

There is no shipping fee for the delivery of Fyntage fingerprint kits, which are typically shipped within 2 business 

days of your order date. 

After receiving the kit, you can make your imprints at your convenience at home and mail them back.

(This product is not recommended for babies under 1 year old as their prints might not be clear enough, but it 

really depends on the child so we recommend that you inspect your child’s fingers before ordering.)


After receiving the prints, the jewelry making process can begin!

Please allow up to 10 to 12 weeks for the finished, customized product. 

You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number when your jewelry is shipped.

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