Lessons from a Tree earrings

NT$ 3,800.00 NT$ 4,380.00

On the surface, she is beautiful

But her service to life

is indisputable

She provides shade and a home

For all the creatures who roam

Lessons from a Tree earrings original form was created through branch and twig casting technique using recycled silver. 

Molten silver represents lava flowing into the lands - creating the Earth on which we live. We capture this unique form through the interaction of metal, twigs and tree branches. 

- Handcrafted in silver then 18k gold plated

- Sold as single

- Handmade in Taiwan

(All our pieces are made to order and crafted through the process of water casting and lost wax casting. Please allow for 4~5 weeks for this process.)

Lessons from a Tree耳環元素之原型誕生於回收銀湯和樹枝互動透過木鑄技巧捕捉大自然其原始姿態  

- 材質:純銀18K金電鍍

- 售價為單邊耳環

- 台灣在地手工製作