Nalu Silver Bracelet

NT$ 1,980.00

Nalu means "wave" in Hawaiian.

The Nalu original form was created through water casting technique using recycled silver. 

Molten silver represents lava flowing into the oceans - creating the Earth on which we live. We capture this unique form through the interaction of metal and water. 

- Chain length 16~18cm

- 925 sterling silver

- Handmade in Taiwan

"Nalu" 在夏威夷語是海浪的意思

Nalu 項鍊主體元素之原型誕生於回收銀湯與水互動透過水鑄技巧捕捉浪花的天然姿態  

- 材質:925純銀

- 鍊長 16~18cm (可調整)

- 台灣在地手工製作