jewelry care

All Fyntage Jewelry designs are formed using high quality 14K solid gold, sterling silver, 14K gold fill and 18K gold vermeil (gold plating). As all pieces are formed and carved by hand, there will be slight variances in texture and color making them unique and more personal to each customer. Please take the time to put a little extra care into the wellbeing of your jewelry.



Solid gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor since it is the least reactive metal. The 14k alloy gives our pieces their beautiful, subtle hue. It is also an active lifestyle’s best friend; it scratches less and doesn’t bend or wear out as easily as 18k.

Mix a small amount of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl. Put the jewelry into the bowl and let sit for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush (like a baby tooth brush) to gently scrub the jewelry. Remove item from soapy water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth. 


14K Gold Fill jewelry can be polished with warm - not hot - soapy water and a soft cloth. Allowing the piece to soak in the warm water prior to scrubbing can also help remove dirt. Be sure to dry the pieces completely afterwards.



Gold plated jewelry has a thick layer of gold over sterling silver, so when it rubs away from natural wear and tear, the silver below will be revealed. To increase the longevity of your plating, please follow the guide below: 

  • Plated jewelry is delicate and requires special attention and care. When not worn, store your jewelry separately in a small sealable plastic bag then put it into the original box or jewelry pouch to avoid damage.
  • Plated jewelry must never get wet. Most importantly, please remove plated rings when washing hands. Always remove plated jewelry when swimming, showering, excercising and sleeping. Sweat, moisture, soaps and friction will cause the plating to rub away more quickly. 
  • When applying lotion or perfume, always wait until your skin is completely dry to put on your plated jewelry. Frequent wear of plated pieces will speed up the process of rubbing off, especially on rings and bracelets as they have more contact with hard surfaces when worn. 
  • Different levels of skin acidity will also impact the longevity of plated products.
  • Pieces will need re-plating every now and then to maintain their original appearance. Plating tarnishing or wearing off is not a production fault, it is a natural part of wear and tear.  *Please see information below on our professional re-plating service.



  • For all silver pieces, the key to maintaining shine is to keep wearing your piece as skin acidity naturally keeps the silver shiny.
  • You can also purchase a silver cloth to shine up your piece.



We highly recommend that our customers have their gold plated jewelry professionally re-plated once a year by us to maintain the superb shine and color of their pieces. We are happy to provide a professional re-plating and polishing service for a small service fee starts at NTD.900.

Please email shopfyntage@gmail.com for more information.

所有Fyntage珠寶均使用高品質14K注金, 14K純金,925純銀,和925銀厚鍍18K金製成。 由於所有設計都是經手工成型和雕刻拋修製程,因此每一件作品質地和顏色會有細微差異,它們跟主人您一樣,都是獨一無二的存在。 為了使您的首飾佩戴得更長久,請務必在配戴前,閱讀遵守以下注意事項。

14K 純金保養 (14K SOLID GOLD)

純14K金是不會變色的貴金屬,因為黃金是活性最低的金屬。 純14k金賦予我們的作品美麗,溫暖的色調。她也是愛戶外運動的妳最好的朋友;硬度較高故不易刮傷,彎曲或磨損。


14K注金保養 (14K GOLD FILL)

14K Gold Fill 珠寶可用溫肥皂水和軟布清洗擦拭。 在清洗之前,建議先將部件浸入溫水中也可以幫助清除污垢。清洗完畢請務必確認風乾再行收納。


鍍金珠寶在純銀上有一層厚金-在我們的情況下為2.5微米,因此當它自然磨損擦掉時,就會露出基本的銀色金屬。 為了延長鍍層壽命,請遵循以下指南:

  • 鍍金珠寶十分精緻,需要特別注意和護理。 不佩戴時,請將珠寶單獨存放在可密封的小塑料袋中,然後將其放入原始的絨布盒或集塵袋中,以免損壞。 
  • 鍍金的珠寶絕對不能弄濕。 最重要的是,洗手時請取下鍍金戒指。 在游泳,淋浴,進行運動和睡覺時,務必取下鍍金的珠寶飾品。 汗水,濕氣,肥皂和摩擦會導致鍍層更快地磨耗掉。
  • 當使用乳液或香水時,請始終等到皮膚完全乾燥後再戴上鍍金珠寶。 電鍍件的頻繁磨擦會加速磨損的過程,尤其是在戒指和手鐲上,因為磨損時它們與硬質表面的接觸更多。
  • 不同程度的皮膚酸度也會影響鍍膜產品的壽命。 
  • 飾品將不時需要重新電鍍以保持其原始外觀。 鍍層失去光澤或磨損不是生產故障,這是磨損的自然現象,長期磨耗後會自然產生。  *請參閱以下有關我們的專業電鍍服務的信息。


  • 對於所有銀飾,保持光澤的關鍵是要保持佩戴狀態,因為皮膚酸度與日常摩擦自然會使銀保持光澤。
  • 您也可以購買市售拭銀布來擦亮您的銀飾。


強烈建議我們的客戶每年一次對他們的鍍金珠寶進行專業的重新電鍍,以保持其珠寶卓越光澤和色彩。 我們很高興為我們的任何設計零件提供專業的重新電鍍和拋光服務(重鍍服務費台幣900元起)

若有保養需求請發送電子郵件 info@fyntage.com 聯絡我們並了解更多。