Returns & Repairs Policy

  • We do not accept returns or exchanges for rings and custom orders. Please make sure to double-check your sizing and customization choices before placing your order.
  • If you would like to exchange a product within 7 days of purchase, please email info@fyntage.com with your request. You will need to send back the item in its original packaging within 7 days of receiving it.
  • If your jewelry breaks, such as a clasp or jump ring coming loose, we offer repair services for a fee. You will need to cover the shipping costs, but we will credit you in full for the repair cost minus the initial shipping fee.
  • The cost of electroplating an item in gold or silver will vary depending on how long you've had it.
  • To return an item, please send an email to info@fyntage.com and pack the jewelry neatly in its original box. Make sure to declare the package as a return with a value of 0 on the customs declaration.
  • Please note that all ring sales are final and cannot be exchanged. Products marked as "made to order" are also not eligible for exchanges since they were customized to your size or length. Sale items are also final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please review all product information and sizing carefully before making a purchase.


  • 所有戒指(因為是根據您訂的尺寸製作)和客制訂單銷售都是無法退換的。
  • Fyntage提供網路購物七天鑑賞期,請在收到商品後仔細檢查,如果有非人為瑕疵需辦理退換貨,請於收到商品後的7日內發送電子郵件至 info@fyntage.com 提出申請。商品必須維持原包裝且未使用。
  • 退換貨僅限於出貨錯誤或瑕疵商品,例如:收到商品時嚴重斷裂破碎(不包含金屬正常氧化、各式天然原料與金屬上的斑點痕跡,或包裝上因運送導致的擠壓變形破損)。
  • 請以收到的實際商品為準,色差並不屬於瑕疵範疇,因每台電腦螢幕解析度和色調不同。
  • 如配戴後商品損壞,如扣環鬆動,鏈斷等請來信 info@fyntage.com 提出辦理維修。
  • 維修僅限於損壞處的修復為可使用狀態,不保證完全回復原狀。商品維修及修改部分皆需評估,視狀況而定是否需酌收維修費用。
  • 基本維修費為NT$800起,重鍍費為NT$900起,若為特定商品之維修則需額外評估後再行報價。
  • 大部分商品為手工維修,故商品時間約為1.5~3個月,如遇提早維修完畢將盡快通知您後寄回商品。
  • 所有維修件都必須自行負責來回運費。
  • 不可退換貨商品包括:客製化商品、特殊商品(特殊戒圍、特定訂製商品)、刻字商品、原包裝的相關物品缺失(包裝不齊、商品有毀損、刮傷、髒污…等包裝不完整)、預購商品、促銷