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Additional Engraving 加購鐫刻服務

NT$ 900.00
- +
icon-bag 加入購物車

加購鐫刻服務 (空格也算一個字母喔!)

  • 請在訂單備註欄寫下您要的字型編號(見輪播圖最後一頁)、刻字內容、對應單號及商品名(若同一張訂單有多項商品)
  • 一份鐫刻服務對應一件商品(例如:有兩件商品都要鐫刻服務,請加購2份鐫刻服務,以此類推)
  • 1-5個字母:TWD$900
  • 6-10個字母:TWD$1200
  • 11+個字母:TWD$1500 (加入購物車前務必先與我們確認您的飾品是否可以刻得下11+個字母)

想刻字在既有的飾品上嗎? 歡迎 email info@fyntage.com 並附上您想刻字的飾品照片

For additional engraving, please choose from below (includes spaces):

  • Please add note to your order of your desired font # (see last rotating picture), letters you'd like to engrave, and your original order number if you purchase this service afterwards.
  • 1-5 letters: TWD$900
  • 6-10 letters: TWD$1200
  • 11+: TWD$1500 (please confirm with us to make sure we can engrave 11+ letters for your particular item before adding to cart)

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you'd like engraved?  Email info@fyntage.com with a photo of the piece and what you'd like to engrave.