Box Chain Necklace - sterling silver

NT$ 1,280.00

Our best selling Box Chain is the perfect foundation necklace for your Fyntage collection. Crafted from high quality 925 sterling silver, simply add single Fyntage pendants to this chain for a personalized look or wear individually.

- 925 sterling silver

熱門鏈款之一Fyntgae 設計款Box Chain (盒子鏈), 將是你打造獨一無二客製化項鍊的完美鏈條選擇。

鏈身925純銀打造,只需在該鏈上添加單個Fyntage吊墜(或多個)即可完成個性化Look或單獨Box Chain直接佩戴。

- 925 純銀