Hokua Silver Earrings

NT$ 4,380.00

The Hokua, meaning "crest of the wave" in Hawaiian.

The Hokua original form was created through water casting technique using recycled silver. 

Molten silver represents lava flowing into the lands - creating the Earth on which we live. We capture this unique form through the interaction of metal and water. 

- 65mm length /  40mm width

- 925 sterling silver, fresh water pearls

- Sold as a pair

- Handmade in Taiwan

在夏威夷,Hokua 意指海浪的波峰最高點...



- 總長 65mm/ 寬 40mm

- 材質:925純銀, 淡水珍珠

- 售價為一對耳環

- 台灣在地手工製作