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Metta Earrings Gold Vermeil (現貨)

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This design was created through water casting technique using recycled silver.

- Drop 4cm/Width 1cm

- 925 silver based with 18kt gold plating (Vermeil*).

- Baroque Pearls

- Handmade in Taiwan

(Each item is handmade to order. Please allow for 4~5 weeks for this process.)

*Gold Vermeil is composed of a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver. Industry standards dictate that the gold portion must be 10 karats or above for a piece to be considered vermeil in the U.S., but most high-quality pieces are 14, 18 or 24 karats depending on the thickness of the jewelry.

The thickness of the gold portion is what really sets vermeil jewelry apart from simple gold plated pieces. The thickness of the gold portion must be a hefty 2.5 microns.


- 長4cm/ 寬 1cm

-  925 純銀Gold Vermeil*(18K真金精鍍於925純銀) 

- 天然巴洛克珍珠

- 純銀耳針  

- Handmade in Taiwan

- 巴洛克珍珠是渾然天成獨一無二的,其尺寸和形狀會略有不同。

(所有商品採接單後純手工製作, 請容許4~5週工作天(不含假日)為您創造獨一無二的寶貴飾品, 感謝您的耐心等待與體諒。)

*Gold Vermeil 國際認可高於10K之真金電鍍於925純銀飾品,且真金厚度需達2.5 microns 之高品質珠寶 (比一般市面上K金電鍍厚度達五倍之多,具有收藏價值且經得起時間考驗)

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