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The Laka Choker

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In ancient Hawaiian mythology, Laka is known as the goddess of Hula – the traditional style of dancing and storytelling of the Native Hawaiians. Laka is also known for being the Goddess of the Forest, who watches over all vegetation. It is said that Laka means “gentle,” “docile” and “to attract.” She is associated with elements such as light and rain – which connect her to her husband, Lono the fertility god. 

The Laka Choker original form was created through sand and salt casting technique using recycled silver. 

Molten silver represents lava flowing into the lands - creating the Earth on which we live. We capture this unique form through the interaction of metal, sand and rock salt. 

-  Pendant 17mm length /  15mm width

-  Chain 15.7 inches (40cm) with a clasp so you can close it tighter and wear it as a necklace or choker.

- 925 sterling silver or 18K GOLD VERMEIL pendant & 14K gold filled chain

- Handmade in Taiwan

在古代夏威夷神話中,Laka 以森林女神而聞名,她守護著所有的植物。據說Laka的意思是“溫柔”,“溫順”和“吸引”。她與光與雨等元素聯繫在一起 - 將她與丈夫Lono生育之神緊緊聯繫在一起。


- 總鍊長 15.7" (40cm) 

- 材質:925純銀 or 純銀厚鍍18K金項墜 & 14K gold filled 方鍊

- 台灣在地手工製作

(Each item is handmade to order. Please allow for 4~5 weeks for this process.)