Two Buddhas Seated Side by Side Pendant - Sterling Silver

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The word Buddha in Sanskrit means “The Awakened One“, one who is awakened to Reality, who understands true nature of the mind, the world, and all sentient beings.

The two Buddhas Bountiful Treasures (Prabhutaratna) and Sakamuni share the lion-throne at the temple atop the tower in the sky. Scene from the Lotus Sutra.

- Pendants measure 

Length 37mm

Width 23mm

- This pendant will fit any of Fyntage's individual chains

- Hand crafted in 925 silver 

- Handmade in Taiwan

梵語中的Buddha 一詞意為“覺醒的人”,一個被真理喚醒的人,他了解大自然,世界以及所有眾生的真實本性。

典故:《法華經》見寶塔品 描述過去佛多寶佛曾經發願:若有說法華經者,祂的寶塔便會湧現在說法者面前。後來,在釋迦佛宣說此法時,祂的佛塔果然從地面升起,並邀釋迦牟尼佛入塔而坐,共同演說佛法。

- 單項墜

Length 37mm

Width 23mm

- 材質:925銀

- 開始設計屬於自己或送給朋友獨一無二的客製化項鍊:請選擇想要搭配的 頸鏈款式

- 台灣在地手工製作


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